7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Safety Boots

Why You Should Wear A Safety Boot

Doing the work you love usually comes with job-specific challenges and hazards. Engineers, miners, construction, electrical, factory, telecommunications and aviation workers are exposed to increased health and safety risks on the job.

Some of these risks include puncture wounds, injuries from falling objects, impact injuries, electrical hazards, slips and falls.

Every worker in these industries is required to wear personal protective equipment, one of which is the safety boots.

Have you been wearing safety boots or not wearing them because you do not understand the importance of safety boots? Then this is the article for you; 7 reasons why you should wear safety boots.

The use of safety footwear as part of your personal protective equipment cannot be understated; for workplace safety, foot protection, prevent workplace injuries such as injuries from falling and rolling objects, sharp objects as heavy objects.

There are different types of safety boots; steel toe boots, Steel insole boots, Wellingtons, Anti-slip boots and others.

Why wear safety boots

Workplace safety is as important as the services rendered by the organization, solutions created or the products manufactured.

The Factories Act and Labour Law in Nigeria was created to ensure workplace safety which includes but is not limited to cleanliness, proper ventilation, lighting and anything that has an impact or affects the health and safety of workers in the workplace.

Every worker in a potentially hazardous and accident-prone workplace must own and use personal protective equipment to prevent workplace injuries and guarantee their safety while they work.