Plymot Safety Shoes

Plymot safety shoes, boots are made to suit ordinary people who have a regular job as well as certified safety workers. Regardless of your choice- Tiiva, Tutoe or any other Plymot safety boot assures you of being comfortable and easy on your feet for your everyday use. They are built with non slippery, oil resistant rubber and reinforced toecap that protect the toes from injuries during work.

Comfort Comes First: Designed with a lightweight midsole and a padded collar, Plymot’s durable styles can be worn for any occasion. With ‘Tiiva’, ‘Tutoe’ Zione, and Tiiva Female, whatever job comes your way, we’ve got the footwear to keep you safe, comfortable, and productive.

All our Plymot safety boots/shoes are built for comfort and durability. They are easy to wear but heavy duty to provide maximum safety at work. You enjoy the same ease and comfort of walking whether you buy Plymot Tutoe, Tiiva or any other of the Plymot safety shoes collection.

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Plymot Tiiva Shoes

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Plymot Tiiva (F) Shoes

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Plymot Tutoe Shoes

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Plymot Zione Shoes