Don’t let the tough exterior fool you – this safety boot also has a comfortable lining and is easy on the feet.

The Zione boot is a work of art. Beautiful, functional, and supremely durable, this is a multipurpose, do-it-all boot that will keep you comfortable while protecting your feet.

Group 88

stylish crafting
and finishing

The Plymot Zione safety boot is made for people who spend all day on their feet, whether it’s in the factory or a construction site.

Zione Boots, infused with the latest technology, are perfect for everyday use…they’re like having a boot on but without wearing one. Tough, flexible, and durable; these boots are built to last. Try them today!

With 100% leather uppers, the Zione work boots are flexible and comfortable.

impenetrable soles
built from steel

Steel toe cap

Comfortable and easy on the feet

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