It is important to take care of your safety footwear to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. Here are some tips to make your safety shoes last longer:

1. If they are made of leather, apply a leather-recommended quality grease or silicone polish to dry-proof them.

2. Leave your safety shoes dry in a warm, dry and ventilated room , but keep them away from direct heat such as electric baseboard. Do not leave them out to dry in the sun.

3. Brush your safety shoes to remove stains and dirt or use a damp cloth to clean them, but steer clear of soap, leather is not a fan.

4. To maintain your safety shoe’s gripping component, remove any mud encrusted into the sole, as well as an gravel or piece of metal.

5. If they are made of synthetic fabric, clean them by hand with water and mild soap.

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Bosch BT 300

62,677.50 60,677.50
  • High stability on any floor
  • High resistance to environmental influences
  • 5/8' thread adapter
  • Suitable for GPL 5 C; GPL 5; GPL 3; GLL 2-15; GLL 3-50; GLL 3-80 P; GLL 2-80 P; GRL 400 H; GRL 300 HVG; GRL 300 HV; GRL 500 H/HV; GOL 20 G/D; GOL 26 G/D Professional
  • With adapter: GLL 2-50; GLM 50; GLM 80; GLM 150; GLM 250 VF Professional

Bosch GDB 350

934,002.50 834,002.50
Power through concrete – drill holes of up to 350 mm in diameter
  • 3200 watt motor and 3-speed gearbox for core drilling up to 350 mm in reinforced concrete
  • Long lifetime due to robust design and gearbox with oil-bath lubrication
  • Stand-mounted drilling in a system with GCR 350 drill stand (part number 0 601 190 200)

Forza Jogger

18,000.00 16,200.00
This is a simple product.