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Safety footwear is an essential component of many workers’ PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), yet it is frequently disregarded and linked to the idea that “that-should-fit.” When deciding what constitutes acceptable safety shoes, there are two key factors to take into account: protection against threats to one’s personal foot health from an orthopaedic standpoint, as well as workplace health and safety.

Safety footwear must offer a suitable level of defense against threats like falling items and slick surfaces in high-risk working conditions. In addition to providing assurance and protection, good safety boots and PPE must ensure the worker is comfortable while working.

Healthy feet are related to having good footwear. We overlook the value of our feet and don’t realize how vital foot health is until it’s too late. By examining the footwear being worn, the majority of orthopedic aches and pains can be quickly alleviated. You’ll be astounded at the difference that well-fitting boots or shoes can make if you take care of your employees from head to toe.

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