20 Best S3 Safety Boots for Your Protection

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S3 Safety Boots are high-quality safety footwear that is long-lasting and provides better protection. They are the best safety footwear you can invest your money to purchase because you can be assured it has higher durability.

S3 is a standard used to showcase the level of protection footwear provides against all hazards. The S3 standard was published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) in 2012 and replaces the EN ISO 20345 standard.

S3 Safety boots demands have increased over the years as companies look for high safety standards in their environment and sites.

S3 safety boots are designed to protect against:

  • Resistance to high energy impact (200 joules)
  • Water penetration and absorption
  • Cleated outsole – sole thickness ≥ 1.8 mm
  • Fuel oil-resistant outsole
  • Anti-static properties
  • Upper heat resistance to 200°C for at least 1 minute
  • High voltage
  • Alternating Current (AC) electrical shock (due to contact with live wires or conductive work surfaces)
  • Electrostatic Discharge (when used on surfaces with static electricity)

Features of S3 Safety Boots

S3 safety boots being one of the toughest footwear to purchase, are also one of the safest you need to have. They suit general factory or industrial, construction, security, and delivery jobs.

features of s3 safety boots

This safety footwear is also suitable for outdoor use and wet working environments. They are safe to wear in areas exposed to fuel and oil.

Some of the few features of S3 safety boots go thus:

Steel Toe Cap

All S3 safety boots usually have a steel toe cap responsible for protecting the feet against impact hazards up to 200 joules in strength. Steel Toe Caps are naturally stronger than composite toe caps. They conduct cold, heat, and electricity. At the workplace, the steel toecap generally protects your toes against sudden impact with an object.


Anti-slip S3 Safety boots provide a firm stance. Safety footwear features slip-resistant soles. SRC slip-resistant soles pass SRA and SRB tests on steel and ceramic surfaces.

Puncture Resistant Soles

The S3 safety shoes are designed to work in environments with high humidity and the presence of oils or hydrocarbons. 

S3 boots generally protect against perforation risks of the sole. The soles of the shoes protect your feet against injury, which may occur as a result of sharp objects penetrating the soles.

Waterproof Design 

S3 safety boots are designed to ensure you do not come into contact with liquids at the workplace. It keeps your feet dry, warm, and comfortable.

Oil and Fuel Resistant 

S3 Safety boots soles have been tested and proven to be oil and fuel-resistant.


Static discharges can ignite flammable mixtures and damage electronic components. S3 Safety boots send static electrical charges to the ground when you come in contact with it. It reduces static electrical charge build-up in the body.

20 Best S3 Safety Boots for your protection 

The best S3 safety boots for males and females should be lightweight, comfortable, and withstand all working environment conditions. We’ve selected the top 20 best s3 safety boots for this article. They are:

Plymot TIIVA Safety Boot for Men

This safety boot is a top choice, and with the Plymot Tiiva safety boot, you can easily protect your feet. It applies to majorly industrial workers prone to major industrial accidents without a proper safety boot.

The lightweight, flexible design will keep your feet at ease, while the protective polymer toe cap and cut-resistant midsole will prepare you for anything.

The designers paid special attention to creating a sturdy and comfortable men’s safety shoe by fusing the two concepts of aesthetics and function.

The Plymot Tiiva safety boot is a good pick because it combines a stylish design and practical construction with the best of both worlds. Some of these shoes’ features are steel-toed protection, water resistance, abrasion-resistant uppers, and a polished appearance.

Plymot TIIVA Female Shoe

The Plymot TIIVA is a women’s steel toe boot that combines style and protection to give you all-day support and protection. These shoes will help you look professional without exposing yourself while you’re on the job.

The stylish safety shoe for women was manufactured with the highest standards. They are both fashionable and secure, being made in lightweight material with steel plate soles.

Plymot TUTOE Male Boots

This pair of men’s ankle safety boots have a steel toe cap and sole, so your feet will be safe no matter where you go. The TUOTE ankle boot’s sole is resistant to oil, alkali, and slipping, making it ideal for any work environment. Complete foot security is ensured by combining a Safety Toecap and an anti-perforation steel midsole.

Plymot Zione Boots

The Plymot Zione safety boot was designed for workers who stand on their feet for long periods. Despite its rugged appearance, this safety boot is soft inside and very pleasant to wear. In other words, the Zione boot is a masterpiece.

This is a gorgeous, versatile boot that can be worn for various activities and keeps your feet safe and sound. Zione Boots are perfect for everyday use thanks to cutting-edge technology; they provide the same sensation as wearing boots but don’t require them.

These boots are as tough as they come and as flexible as they are sturdy. The Zione are durable and comfortable due to their leather uppers.

Armstrong Ankle Safety Boots for Men

Armstrong Safety Boots are durable and protective, and they offer foot, ankle, & lower leg protection. They provide comfort, support, and stability. This boot’s steel toe cap and midsole plate can withstand 300°C for 20 minutes. It is anti-static, oil- and acid-resistant.

armstrong safety boot

Armstrong combines cutting-edge technology and style. The raised toe protects on scaffolding or uneven ground. This waterproof full-grain leather work boot is ASTM F2413-11 and I/75-C/75 approved.

Safety Jogger Jackman S3 Safety Shoe

S3 safety shoes are appropriate for use in an area with high humidity and the presence of oil or hydrocarbons, such as in an industrial setting. These shoes protect not only against the possibility of the sole being perforated but also against the risk of the foot being crushed.

Safety Jogger Basalt Black S3 ESD Safety Shoe

BASALT makes your day easier. This S3 safety boot is the successor to Volcano and boasts an upgraded PU rubber outsole. It’s designed for harsh working environments that require ESD, metal-free, and heat-resistant protection.

safety jogger basalt

Basalt has a waterproof pull-up leather upper and membrane interior. This  Basalt S3 safety boot is a great all-around outdoor shoe.

LAUDA Safety Jogger S3 Men’s Safety Boot

Gore-Tex and Microfiber blend in the Safety Jogger Lauda’s boot. You want a comfortable boot to safeguard your feet on long days. This shoe’s 2200 GSM EPDM sole is ideal for rigorous use and everyday wear. Mesh and microfiber uppers are soft enough to wear in construction or other tough settings while keeping feet dry and comfortable.

Lauda safety jogging boots offer a soft rubber sole that grips slippery floors. This shoe’s breathable, water-repellent top knit fabric and elastic ankle band minimize moisture buildup and smells without restricting foot movement.

lauda safety jogger

The cushioned collar adds comfort, and the non-slip synthetic upper keeps you steady on harsh surfaces. This boot is available in three sizes. The Lauda safety jogger boot has a classic minimalist style and offers tough comfort without sacrificing safety.

This is the best shoe for you when dealing with heavy lifting, sharp instruments, and tight deadlines.

Hulk HK5452 Leo Safety Boot S3

The Hulk Leo Safety Boots were designed to cope with the harshest working conditions in construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other industries. They are good for the workplace as they are designed with a slip-resistant sole (with an acid and oil-resistant finish) and a steel toe cap for extra protection.

Hulk HK5452 Leo

The Hulk Leo Safety Boots are durable and flexible. Also, they are comfortable giving you fresh feet after wearing them for hours at work.

MASCOT’s Safety Footwear 

Most Mascot Safety Footwear belongs to the safety S3 class. They offer first-class comfort and ultimate protection. This footwear is approved following the standard EN ISO 20345:2011. MASCOT’s safety boots possess nail protection, which protects the feet against nails and sharp objects on the ground.

They also have toe caps that protect the toes against injury from external objects or impact. Mascot safety boots provide overall safety as they are slip-resistant, breathable, and anti-static. They also have oil and petrol-resistant soles.

Timberland Pro Iconic S3 Boots

The Timberland Pro Iconic Boot is a classy safety boot that provides comfort and protection. It is made of premium full-grain water-resistant leather, breathable with waterproof protection that keeps your feet dry all day.

The outermost is slip-resistant, and the insole provides long-lasting comfort, reduces foot fatigue, and withstands all working environments.

Some of the features are:

  • Premium Full Grain S3 Water Resistant Leather
  • Upper Padded Topline and Tongue for Enhanced Wearer Comfort
  • Breathable and Moisture Wicking Lining with Odour Control Treatment
  • Anti-Fatigue PU Footbed for Shock Absorption and Energy Return
  • Breathable and Waterproof Membrane
  • Lightweight 200 Joule Protective Alloy Safety Toe Cap
  • Puncture Resistant Steel Midsole for Underfoot Protection
  • Rubber Outsole Cushioning to Enhance Wearer Comfort
  • Durable ReBOTL Rubber Outsole is SRC Rated Slip Resistant
  • The outsole is Resistant to contact heat up to 300 Degrees Centigrade
  • HRO Rubber Outsole has Anti-static Properties
  • Sole is Resistant to Acids, Oils, and Alkalis
  • Official Safety Rating EN ISO 20345 2011 CE S3 HRO SRC WR
  • Available in Men’s Sizes UK 6 through to UK 14

Safety Shoes S3 ELTEN

Elten Vintage Mid ESD S3 are stylish work safety boots for men and women. Best-seller. High-quality leather S3 safety shoe. Elten S3 safety shoes can be worn indoors and outdoors in production, construction, warehouse, and logistics.

safety shoes s3 ELTEN

It has a 2mm TPU/TU sole that can withstand hard surfaces and an anti-slip sole for traction. PU midsoles provide all-day comfort for standing or running. Comfortable, easy-to-wear steel caps. This safety shoe is orthotic-approved. Features include:

  • ED slip-resistant sole
  • Steel cover
  • Eco-friendly leather (made in Germany)
  • Penetration-resistant textiles
  • DGUV 112-191 orthopaedic adjustment-approved

Safety Shoes S3 Cofra

The Fotofinish S3 SRC Cofra is made of water-repellent, breathable nubuck leather. TPU and outsole construction make the hoe slip-resistant. A wide contact surface and pendular cleats help the shoes drain liquids and grip damp surfaces.

The soles are made of three hard compounds:

  • The high rigidity compound helps create arch support. 
  • The special design holds softer areas together to grant greater stability on uneven surfaces. 
  • The medium-density compound guarantees flexibility and adaptability to any surface type.
  • This safety shoe gives you 100% comfort. Some of its unique features are:
  • Water-repellent nubuck shoe; the APT Plate sole contains no metals.
  • Ultra-light, shock- and pressure-resistant aluminium toe cap; The Anti Perforation midsole is a multi-layered, high-tenacity fabric.
  • The scented polyurethane footbed is soft and comfortable, and the upper absorbs moisture to keep feet dry.
  • The company’s quality management system is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified.
  • Outsole with 3 TPU hardness; TPU and the outsole design make the JOGGEN line non-slip, even on wet surfaces. The anti-static shoe’s bottom dissipates electrostatic charges.

Safety Shoes S3 Atlas

Atlas Anatomic Bau 500 safety shoe promotes job safety. It has a penetration-resistant steel toe cap and mid-steel sole. The Alas safety shoe is waterproof leather. Features include:

  • Steel cap
  • Outdoor sole technology
  • Oil, petrol, and acid resistant
  • Anti-static
  • Steel midsole
  • Safety class: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC
  • 3D cushioning system
  • Overcap

Safety Shoes S3 Uvex

The Uvex Safety and Work shoes S3 SRC ESD are durable, lightweight, sporty, and comfortable shoes that provide general safety and value. Some of its features are:

  • Micro velour provides breathability even when worn for long periods.
  • Inner material: climate-optimized, ergonomic distance mesh
  • Polyurethane sole: anti-slip and ergonomic.
  • Profiled, non-slip sole with comfortable cushioning for long wear.
  • Flexible adjustment without annoying laces

PUMA IGS Honey S3 HRO SRC Nubuck Derby Boot

The Puma S3 safety boot is a lightweight, metal-free, and comfortable footwear created from a luxurious honey Nubuck upper. IGS rubber sole provides a strong grip and cushion underfoot. Features include:

  • Heat-resistant IGS sole
  • Metal-free
  • Moisture-wicking padding
  • Composite toecap, lightweight
  • Anti-penetration midsole
  • EN ISO 20345:2011

CAIMAN IGS Graphite S3 SRC WR HRO Waterproof Hiker

The Caiman IGS Graphite S3 is a durable and comfortable boot with waterproof and breathable materials. It also has a lightweight midsole and toecap. This non-leather boot is Vegan friendly. It has the IGS rubber sole that provides a strong grip on all surfaces and increases cushion underfoot. Some of the features are:

  • Intelligent Grip System (IGS) heat-resistant sole
  • Waterproof and breathable construction
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Lightweight composite safety toecap
  • Flexible anti-penetration composite midsole
  • EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 HRO WR SRC

Artra Arosio S3 Work shoes

Artra Arosio S3 Work shoe is a well-ventilated and comfortable shoe that gives you all-around comfort even after long hours of wearing them(with its 3D inner lining). They are durable and made with hydrophobic microfibre-Nubuck Pro.

They are also water-resistant and can survive all forms of weather conditions. The outer sole, with its ergonomic cushioning, gives good comfort. Also, it is puncture-proof and protects you from external injuries.

Safety Jogger Jackman S3 Safety Shoe

Safety Jogger Jackman S3 safety shoes are suitable for humid and oily environments. They prevent sole perforation and foot crush. Insole, Replace your insoles or use orthopaedic insoles for comfort.

safety jogger jackman

Outsole Rubber outsoles offer cut, heat, and cold resistance, high flexibility at cold temperatures, and oil, fuel, and chemical resistance.

Grisport Crusader S3 Safety Boots

If you’re looking for something that is up-to-date in style and protection, then these Grisport Crusader S3 Safety Boots may be what you’re looking for. They are available in black and brown, with a stylish design.

Grisport safety shoe

They have a steel toe cap, a steel midsole to protect your toes, and outer laces with inner zips to keep them secure on your feet. These Grisport Crusader S3 Safety Boots are available in sizes 6 – 13 and are waterproof so that you can work in any weather conditions.


S3 safety shoes are durable and safe for all working environments. S3, an abbreviation for Safety and Survival Standard, is the minimum standard for Protective footwear. Do you have any other S3 safety shoes that are not covered in this article? Let me know in the comment.

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