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7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Safety Boots

Why You Should Wear A Safety Boot

Doing the work you love usually comes with job-specific challenges and hazards. Engineers, miners, construction, electrical, factory, telecommunications and aviation workers are exposed to increased health and safety risks on the job.

Some of these risks include puncture wounds, injuries from falling objects, impact injuries, electrical hazards, slips and falls.

Every worker in these industries is required to wear personal protective equipment, one of which is the safety boots.

Have you been wearing safety boots or not wearing them because you do not understand the importance of safety boots? Then this is the article for you; 7 reasons why you should wear safety boots.

The use of safety footwear as part of your personal protective equipment cannot be understated; for workplace safety, foot protection, prevent workplace injuries such as injuries from falling and rolling objects, sharp objects as heavy objects.

There are different types of safety boots; steel toe boots, Steel insole boots, Wellingtons, Anti-slip boots and others.

Why wear safety boots

Workplace safety is as important as the services rendered by the organization, solutions created or the products manufactured.

The Factories Act and Labour Law in Nigeria was created to ensure workplace safety which includes but is not limited to cleanliness, proper ventilation, lighting and anything that has an impact or affects the health and safety of workers in the workplace.

Every worker in a potentially hazardous and accident-prone workplace must own and use personal protective equipment to prevent workplace injuries and guarantee their safety while they work.

7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Safety Boots

Avoid Workplace Lawsuit

The first reason why you should wear safety boots is to avoid workplace lawsuits as it is mandatory for construction and factory workers and workers that are exposed to high risk chemicals, heavy equipment and so on to be provided protective equipment by their employers.

While the coveralls and goggles protect the body and eyes, safety boots offer foot protection.

Protect your feet from preventable injuries

Workplace injuries which include impact injuries from falling or rolling objects and puncture wounds from penetrating and sharp objects such as nails are prevented when workers wear safety shoes for foot protection.

Safety shoes with steel toecap and steel insole are best suited for preventing impact and puncture injuries.

Protect your feet from Electrical and Fire Hazards

Safety work boots like antistatic boots and electrostatic discharge (ESD) safety boots are manufactured from materials that are resistant to fire and electrical risks like electric shocks, effects of built up static electricity to protect workers’ feet from injuries due to fire or electrical accidents.

Protection against Slips and Falls

Antifriction soles ensure that walking and working in safety boots are without the fear of slipping or falling, preventing workplace accidents with heavy equipment and injuries to workers.

Improved Posture and Balance

The craft of the sole and materials used in creating work boots are ideal for good working posture, muscle tone and balance while at work. This improves efficiency and confidence of workers whilst providing protection for their feet.

 Protection against Elements

Be it wet or dry environments, work environments like oil rigs, onshore or offshore oil sites, factories or mine sites, there are safety work boots designed to protect workers feet from water, dust, oil, insects, deadly animals and other elements at the workplace.

Protection against Harsh Weather Conditions

 Safety shoes are also suitable for foot protection against harsh weather conditions helping your feet maintain warmth in very cold temperatures.

Foot protection safety tips

There are different types of safety shoes specific to various job roles and job requirements; for comfort, protection and balance, wearing the most appropriate safety shoes are the best protection for your feet.


Safety work boots are essential foot protection for every worker in high risk industries and factories, as a part of the personal protective equipment or specific to certain job roles, the importance of this safety tool cannot be overstated. They are useful in protecting workers’ feet against injuries from falling or sharp objects, slips and falls, harsh weather, burns and electrical hazards. 

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